Features Sample Pages.

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Features for students, teachers, and administrators.

Features for Students

Engaging, interactive lessons and activities for a rich learning experience.

Colorful images, slideshows, and multimedia to reinforce concepts.

Authentic learning tasks, projects, and activities with instant feedback.

A variety of question types to keep things interesting, including matching, short-answer, open answer,
multiple choice, answer bank, and many more!

Engaging passages with full color images.

Interactive media to support learning.

Computer-, smartphone-, and tablet-compatible.

Features for Teachers

Flexible Pacing—Jump right to what you need, when you need it!

Lessons, examples, reviews, and enrichment to help you teach.

Built to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

Quick access to content saves class time for learning.

Each lesson and activity aligned to Common Core Standards.

Check students’ knowledge and progress as activities are completed.

Computer-assisted grading.

Perfect for individual, small-group, or whole-class work.

Features for Administrators

Review student progress through robust data and reporting features.

Detailed results for each chapter.

Built-in formative and summative assessments.

Three full-length Common Core assessments for each grade and subject.

Common Core content to reinforce next generation testing skills.

Flexible enough for use in traditional, remedial, or “upside down” classrooms, and for differentiated instruction.

Screen reader compatible.